Safe Sanctuaries FAQ's

What is Safe Sanctuaries?

Safe Sanctuaries is an overt expression in making congregations safe places where children, youth, and elders may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith.

Why conduct background checks and interviews of existing employees and volunteers?

One aspect of Safe Sanctuaries care includes conducting background checks on persons – both paid and volunteer – who work with children and youth. Doing background checks on staff members and volunteers who have regular and direct contact with children and youth provides uniformity in treatment of the workers. It demonstrates that background checks are not targeted or random. Uniformity of treatment helps guard against any misunderstanding or resentment that might otherwise arise.

Why should we conduct background checks on our friends who are lifelong church members?

We believe each church should develop an expectation that any person who works with children and youth in that local church or district will have a background check. These checks should not be done randomly, but rather uniformly and consistently. The background checks help to ensure the safety of the children and youth as well as provide appropriate assurance for the adult workers.

How often should background checks be updated?

Background checks should be updated at least every 5 years. If an individual moves away and returns to volunteer in the children or youth ministries of the church a current background check should be run. In addition, if a volunteer relocates to another state and returns, a current background check should be run in the state from which they moved.